When you think of varicose veins, the first thing that comes to mind is pain and discomfort. But that is not all.


Truth be told, varicose veins are not pretty. They can very much lower your self-esteem, and make your confidence go low.

The term describes veins that have become bulgy and twisted, causing worrisome cosmetic concerns.

When faced with varicose veins, the condition that affects mostly women, they ask what they can do [1].

For starters, make some lifestyle changes, and then try some alternative medicine methods, like essential oils for varicose veins.

Yes, surgical options and procedures are always an option [2]. But that should be your last resort.

Varicose veins appear on the leg than others part of the body due to its distance from the heart and effect of gravity. Simply put, our legs accommodate a lot of pressure and carry the weight of the entire body.


The main reason you experience varicose veins is that there is a disturbance in the free flow of blood from the legs back to the heart. When the blood circulation is hindered, blood pooling happens.

This is a condition in which blood builds up in veins and causes the veins to become weak, twisted, and enlarged. This disturbance can happen due to increased pressure because of weight gain, injury, or pregnancy.


Helichrysum oil

This is the best essential oil for promoting blood circulation. In addition, helichrysum oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with inflamed tissues [3].

The oil works by dissolving coagulated blood in or outside the vein, which helps to aid proper and efficient blood flow. Applying this oil will help you clear the varicose veins and prevent future occurrences.


One of the most popular oils when it comes to blends of essential oils. Cypress work good enough on its own as well by being a powerful anti-inflammatory agent [4].

Cypress oil can help you deflate swollen blood vessels and improve blood circulation. An underrated aspect is cypress oil hinders fluid retention, which can also be a cause of varicose veins.

Not only does the oil help you heal varicose veins, it also helps strengthen the vein walls.

Frankincense oil

This oil has a long and storied history of helping with a number of conditions and diseases. In the past, frankincense has been used to treat arthritis, depression, hepatitis, wrinkles, multiple sclerosis, and many other diseases [5].

In terms of varicose veins, frankincense helps by improving the strength of the veins and preventing bulging and twisting.

Ginger oil

When you think of ginger, you think of that culinary item and spice in your kitchen. But ginger is much more. You can use ginger as an essential oil to lower blood pressure and clear out blockages in the blood’s pathway.

Ginger essential oil is very effective in treating spider veins appearing on the face [6].

Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil pops up in almost every list for natural and home remedies. The reason for that is chamomile promotes blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

These two key aspects help clear ou varicose veins in no time [7]. In the same time, chamomile essential oil strengthens the blood vessels and prevents varicose veins from spreading.

Geranium oil

One of the most commonly used oils in the world of cosmetics [8].

Geranium is great for treating acne, promoting hair growth, clearing wrinkles, and many other skin problems. But the oil also boosts blood circulation and helps rejuvenate the skin after the varicose veins are gone.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil will help you strengthen the vein walls and promote proper blood circulation.

The popular astringent derived from the lemon plant can be applied topically to clear up varicose veins, but also prevent future occurrences


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